Go Wild At The Warren — Shooting, archery and outdoor experiences in a beautiful woodland setting

Try out the latest air pistols, air rifles, military style weapons, RPG and more… Take an archery lesson Robin Hood style… all in the East Sussex countryside.

Special Weapons shooting experience

From £79

The unique shooting experience compared to anything available in the UK. Discover air rifle shooting and try from a fantastic range of Special Weapon guns – .177 calibre rifles to very realistic special military weapons and sniper rifles, all to shoot on our special shooting range in the forest.

No previous experience is required and expert tuition offered throughout your session. All packages include ammunition and targets.

NEW: Shooting Simulator

Just £16.50

One of the world’s best shooting simulators with shooting, clay shooting, pistol shooting, shooting gallery and much more.

Flexible time slots and suitable for all ages.

Extreme high-power air rifle experience

From £61

So you think you’ve seen it all! You think air rifles are just little toys compared to live fire guns? Well you’re in for a nice surprise!

This is the ultimate in high powered air rifles and has to be tried to be believed. We need special pellets to take the power of theses rifles. Our Extreme shooting range has some amazing targets just waiting for you to hit.

You’ll be taught how to shoot these amazing rifles by an expert. Firing from a seated position, taking aim through some awesome telescopic sights, squeezing the trigger as you wait in eager anticipation for that mega rifle to go off and hit your target.

RPG and 60mm M57 Mortar experience

Just £55

Exclusive to Go Wild At The Warren!

As far as I know there’s nowhere else in the UK you can experience firing a real Russian RPG 7 or the 60mm M57 Mortar simulations!

Be one of the first to try out this unique experience – perfect when combined with Special Weapons and other experiences.

Archery experience

From £69

Set in an amazing forest around a Robin Hood style camp you can give Robin Hood a run for his money as you learn essential archery techniques and skills and become a skilled archer!

This is a fantastically fun day out for children, families and adults, and it also makes a wonderfully unique gift for anyone who’s ever wanted to have a go at this ancient and thrilling sport. A totally exhilarating experience!

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We’re pleased to announce out new waiting list option. If your preferred date is full you can now add your name to a waiting list. Simply check availability then select ‘wait’ to register your name.. You can view the availability of each experience within its own page.

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I’m very pleased to announce our new Waiting List option.

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Where to find us

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What do some of our past adventurers have to say?

A big thank you for our shooting experience last Friday the 7th  

A big thank you for our shooting experience last Friday the 7th. Not only was it great fun, but educational as well and our shooting skills improved throughout the session. It was great to be able to enjoy the experience with my son and both of us smiled all the way home. A brilliant start to our weekend. Thanks to Garry who made it more fun 

Scott and Austyn    10th April 2017    Shooting   
Amazing experience - do it!  

Brilliant experience, lots of helpful advice on shooting, really good fun. Gary and Jess are really friendly and helpful. Amazing experience - do it!

Lucy    15th April 2017    Shooting   
Very good coaching. Great location.  

Very good coaching. Great location. I really enjoyed the morning’s archery. Especially welcomed the log fire.

George    14th April 2017    Archery   

Somewhere lovely to stay when you visit us

Only 10 minute walk to Go Wild At The Warren

Many people travel a long way to visit us. If you’re looking for a lovely place to stay then contact Julia Nye by email julia.a.nye@btinternet.com