It’s Raining Ammunition!

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Due to popular request we have created this awesome ‘Gun and Ammunition’ Upgrade option.

For only £19.99 why not upgrade your special weapons experience.

This Upgrade will give you the following…

  • Walther PPK 2 x full magazines
  • .357 Magnum 3 x full magazines
  • .44 magnum 3 x full magazines
  • .50Cal Desert Eagle 3 x full magazines
  • Beretta P92 3 x full magazines
  • 1 x full magazine (approx 500 rounds on each gun) of all of our assault rifles. Special weapons only includes one Assault  rifle.
  • And exclusive use of our MG42 Genral Purpose Machine gun (not included in the normal special weapons experience) with approx 750 round of ammunition
  • Sniper rifle 10 rounds

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